About the Photographer

About The Photographer

My name is Jessica Stewart. Since I was a child I’ve always admired animals and nature. After persistent begging; my grandparents got me a camera at the age of eight. I then began to take pictures of everything I saw and ever since then I've fallen in love with the art of Photography. Capturing a memory in a photograph is a amazing thing. Helping you create those memories is my priviledge!

Equine photography is my favorite because every horse has a different personality and I love to capture each horse's unique persona. I understand some horses aren’t going to stand still for the photos but I have the utmost patience and dedication that I need to capture that perfect moment between you and your heart horse. My heart horse Speedy recently passed away and I realized that I didn’t have as many pictures with him.That sparked me to work my hardest so I can capture the bond and memories of many equestrians.

When you chose me as your photographer whether it’s for your pets, couples, or family photos you will have amazing photos that you will cherish forever. I really look forward to meeting you and I can’t wait to capture your special moments.


Jessica Stewart